Vol. 208, No. 13, December 19, 2011. Pages 2641–2655.

The authors noted that a reference regarding the suppressive effect of BMP7 on EMT and bone metastasis in prostate cancer was inadvertently omitted. The authors have added the following publication to the references:

Buijs, J.T., C.A. Rentsch, G. van der Horst, P.G. van Overveld, A. Wetterwald, R. Schwaninger, N.V. Henriquez, P. Ten Dijke, F. Borovecki, R. Markwalder, et al. 2007a. BMP7, a putative regulator of epithelial homeostasis in the human prostate, is a potent inhibitor of prostate cancer bone metastasis in vivo. Am. J. Pathol. 171:1047–1057.

The html and pdf versions of this article have been updated to reflect this change.