Vol. 203, No. 1, January 23, 2006. Pages 215–226.

The original version of this article contained the following production errors:

In the third paragraph of the introduction, a “c” erroneously appeared before the word “complexes.” The sentence should have read:

“Biochemical studies indicate that a modified form of AID from B cells interacts with replication protein A (RPA) and that AID–RPA complexes specifically bind to ssDNA located in transcription bubbles at DGYW motifs and deaminate DNA (16).”

In the first sentence of the Fig. 6 legend, the word “in” erroneously replaced the word “is.” The sentence should have read:

“Histone H3 and H4 Ac is significantly reduced across the γ3 locus in LPS activated AID KO B cells.”

In Table I, the VH/JH3 forward primer sequence should have read GGAAAGGGTCTGGAGTGGCT. Additionally, the alignment of forward and reverse primers in the β-globin row shifted upward. The corrected table appears below.