Ikarashi et al. Vol. 194, No. 8, October 15, 2001. Pages 1179–1186.

The authors regret that the name of a coauthor, Masaaki Terada, was misspelled on the title page. The correct title page information appears below.

Dendritic Cell Maturation Overrules H-2D–mediated Natural Killer T (NKT) Cell Inhibition: Critical Role for B7 in CD1d-dependent NKT Cell Interferon γ Production

Yoshinori Ikarashi,1 Rumiko Mikami,1 Albert Bendelac,2 Magali Terme,1 Nathalie Chaput,1 Masaaki Terada,4 Thomas Tursz,1 Eric Angevin,1 François A. Lemonnier,3 Hiro Wakasugi,4 and Laurence Zitvogel1