Vitamin A (retinol) is an essential cofactor for growth of B lymphocytes in culture and for activation of T lymphocytes by antigen receptor-mediated signals. 14-hydroxy-4,14-retro-retinol (14-HRR) a metabolite of retinol, has been implicated as the intracellular mediator of this effect. Anhydroretinol (AR) is a retinol derivative with retro structure produced in activated human B lymphocytes and the insect cell lines SF 21 and Schneider S2. AR reversibly inhibits retinol- and 14-HRR-dependent effects and blocks B lymphocyte proliferation as well as activation of resting T lymphocytes. The intracellular signaling pathway blocked by AR in T cell activation is distinct from the calcineurin/interleukin 2 pathway inhibitable by cyclosporine A or FK-506.

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