Terminally differentiated plasma cells and mouse T cells do not express major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II genes although class II gene expression is observed in pre-B and mature B cells as well as in activated human T cells. Transient heterokaryons were prepared and analyzed to investigate the mechanisms of inactivation of MHC class II gene in mouse plasmacytoma cells and mouse T cells. The endogenous MHC class II genes in both mouse plasmacytoma cells and mouse T cells can be reactivated by factors present in B cells. This reactivation of class II gene is also observed by fusion with a human T cell line which expresses MHC class II genes, but not with a class II negative human T cell line. It appears that the loss of MHC class II gene expression during the terminal differentiation of B cells or T cell lineage is due to absence of positive regulatory factor(s) necessary for class II transcription.

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