A panel of DBA/2 T cell hybridomas specific for the sperm whale myoglobin epitope 110-121 was found to recognize antigen presented by the mixed isotype class II molecule E alpha dA beta d. The response was blocked by monoclonal antibodies specific for E alpha and A beta d chains; in addition, the hybridomas responded to antigen presented by L cells expressing E alpha A beta d molecules, and made no response with L cells expressing I-Ad or I-Ed molecules. Two more groups of hybridomas isolated from DBA/2 and B10.D2 mice immunized with myoglobin also recognized peptide 110-121 presented by E alpha d A beta d. Thus, although it is expressed at biochemically undetectable levels on spleen cells, the E alpha d A beta d molecule is an important presenting element in normal H-2d mice making a conventional immune response to a protein antigen. These results suggest that high levels of class II expression are not a prerequisite for T cell activation.

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