The RT1.A locus of the rat MHC encodes the H chain of the single classical class I molecule of this species. One of the alleles of this polymorphic locus, RT1.Aa, is present in several laboratory inbred, congenic, and MHC recombinant rat strains. Studies of the RT1.Aa class I molecule from a number of these strains as a target for CTL show that its antigenicity, both as an alloantigen and a restricting element, is subject to gain and loss alterations by the action of a gene mapping in the MHC to the right of RT1.A. This locus is apparently present in two allelic forms (one possibly a null allele) corresponding to the presence or absence of a dominant transacting modifier, and has been named class I modification, or cim. The antigenic change brought about by cim is scarcely detectable serologically but highly immunogenic for CTL. Biochemical investigations show that cim affects the post-translational modification of RT1.Aa.

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