We analyzed the CD3-associated molecules present on peripheral blood-derived TCR-gamma/delta+ clones that express CD8 surface antigens. Clones were derived by limiting dilution from CD3+WT31- FACS-purified populations derived from several donors. Eight of greater than 300 TCR-gamma/delta+ clones analyzed expressed CD8 and reacted with delta-TCS-1 mAb. Cell numbers suitable for more detailed analyses could be obtained from four clones, including one derived from thymus. Analysis of CD3-associated TCR molecules immunoprecipitated by anti-Leu-4 (anti-CD3) mAb under conditions that preserve the CD3/TCR association (1% digitonin) showed a predominant 55-60-kD molecule both under reducing and nonreducing conditions. On the other hand, the delta-TCS-1-reactive molecules immunoprecipitated from 25 CD3+ delta-TCS-1+ CD8- clones, in all instances, displayed a 40-44-kD mol mass. In two-dimensional PAGE, TCR-gamma molecules precipitated from delta-TCS-1+ CD8+ clones appeared more acidic than those of BB3+ or delta-TCS-1+ CD8+ clones. Southern analysis confirmed that this type of non-disulphide-linked TCR-gamma/delta is also coded for by the C gamma 2 gene segment.

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