Human rIL-4 is able to induce the expression of low-affinity receptors for IgE (Fc epsilon RL/CD23) on resting B lymphocytes, as determined by the binding of either the anti Fc epsilon RL/CD23-specific mAb 25 or IgE. Stimulation of B cells with insolubilized anti-IgM antibody increases the number of cells expressing Fc epsilon RL/CD23 upon culturing with IL-4 and enhances the level of Fc epsilon RL/CD23 expression on these cells. Fc epsilon RL/CD23 induction is specific for IL-4 since IL-1 alpha, IL-2, IFN-gamma, B cell-derived B cell growth factor (BCGF), and a low-molecular-weight BCGF were ineffective. IFN-gamma strongly inhibited the induction of Fc epsilon RL/CD23 by IL-4.

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