The gibbon ape leukemia virus (GaLVSF)-infected T cell line, MLA 144, was established from the lymphoma of a gibbon ape. The cell line constitutively expresses IL-2 and its receptor, implying that an autocrine mechanism could be responsible for or contribute toward its growth. To explore the mechanism of constitutive IL-2 expression in MLA 144, we have isolated and characterized cosmid clones representing a normal and a doubly inserted IL-2 allele in this cell line. The map of the normal MLA 144 IL-2 allele closely resembles that of the normal human IL-2 gene. The abnormal allele contains a 3' insertion that is a GaLVSF provirus with two long terminal repeats (LTR) and an internal 3.25 kb deletion. At the 5' end of the abnormal allele is a second insertion that DNA sequencing showed to be an isolated GaLVSF LTR with a transcriptional orientation opposing that of the IL-2 gene. We demonstrate by Northern blotting analysis that the vast majority of transcripts are from the abnormal allele, implying that one or both retroviral insertions are responsible for constitutive expression of the allele.

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