A new HLA-DQ-related genetic system with two alleles, 2B3 and TA10, defined serologically by MAbs and alloantisera, showed an almost perfect correlation with charge differences on DQ beta molecules, as well as with two polymorphic DNA fragments hybridizing with a DQ beta probe and various restriction enzymes on a panel of 14 DR4+ homozygous typing cells. It was therefore concluded that the serologically defined alleles 2B3 and TA10 are coded by the DQ beta gene and situated on the HLA-DQ beta chain. This 2B3/TA10 polymorphism is independent of HLA-D and segregates with HLA in families. The TA10 allele appears to be a new marker for resistance to type I diabetes, which is independent from the known resistance marker DR2, whereas no association was observed between this DQ beta polymorphism and rheumatoid arthritis.

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