We used a murine mAb, H4/18, raised by immunization with IL-1-treated human umbilical vein endothelial cell cultures, to localize an endothelial activation antigen in induced human delayed hypersensitivity reactions (DHR) and in pathological tissues. We used streptococcus varidase to elicit DHR in human skin and we examined sequential skin biopsies with the immunoperoxidase technique. There was no staining for H4/18 binding antigen in normal endothelium of skin and other tissues; strong positive staining, localized to vascular endothelium, was seen at 16 and 23 h but disappeared by 6 d, when the DHR had faded. H4/18 binding antigen, also confined to endothelium, was detected in lymph nodes, skin, and other tissues exhibiting immune/inflammatory reactions. The studies indicate that H4/18 is a useful marker for activated endothelium in vivo and they support the relevance of in vitro studies on inducible endothelial cell functions.

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