Cloned CTLs QM3 and QM7 isolated from a bulk CTL line B10.QBR anti-B10.MBR recognized a combination of the H-2Kb molecule and an I-Ak subregion gene product. Such a combinatorial specificity was revealed by complementation of the target antigen in F1 animals between two negative parental strains carrying H-2Kb and I-Ak, respectively. We confirmed the involvement of the H-2Kb molecule by blocking killing with anti-Kb mAb and failure of certain mutant H-2Kb genes to complement with I-Ak to generate the determinant in F1 animals. Although the nature of the I-Ak subregion gene product is not definitive, there was a correlation between the expression of Ia antigens on the cell surface and susceptibility of the cells to lysis by these CTLs, suggesting that it is the classical I-Ak class II antigen.

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