The expression of eight serologically and biochemically distinct human cell surface antigens defined by monoclonal antibodies was examined on a panel of rodent-human somatic cell hybrids. Cosegregation was observed for human chromosome 11, and surface expression of all eight antigens was studied. Serological analysis of hybrids containing defined segments of human chromosome 11 permitted the regional assignment of genes controlling antigens JF23 (90 kD glycoprotein), G344 (25 kD), T43 (85 kD), A124, and NP13 to chromosome 11pter-q13, and of genes controlling Q14 (130 kD), MC139 (35 kD), and K117 (25 kD) to chromosome 11q13-qter. K117, the putative human Thy-1 antigen, was expressed at high levels in chromosome 11-containing hybrids constructed with mouse neuroblastoma cells, but showed little or no expression in hybrids constructed with mouse L cells. A similar pattern of expression in hybrids was found for MC139, an antigen shared by neuroectoderm-derived cells and normal and malignant T lymphocytes. T43 is a marker of malignant tumors (but not benign tumors) derived from a number of T43- epithelia, and the regional assignment of the T43 locus on chromosome 11 raises questions about its possible involvement in the specific rearrangements of this chromosome seen in human malignancies.

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