A human cytotoxic T cell clone (MWS-14) with auto-tumor reactivity was established in serum-free medium in a mixed tumor cell culture by repetitive stimulation with fresh autologous lymphoma cells. This clone and its subclones are of the T3+ T4+ T8- phenotype. They were strongly cytotoxic for the autologous lymphoma cells, whereas autologous PHA blasts were not killed. Analysis of the specificity of MWS-14, MWS-14-30, and MWS-14-34 indicated that these CTL clones were cytotoxic for 7/7 allogeneic lymphoma cells, whereas only 3/23 of normal and non-lymphoma cells were lysed. Blocking studies with monoclonal antibodies directed at MHC class I and class II antigens showed that this preferential, anti-lymphoma reactivity was not directed at HLA determinants. The anti-lymphoma activity is not due to an aspecific susceptibility of the lymphoma cells to lysis. In contrast to CTL clones specific for HLA antigens present on the lymphoma cells, T3 and T4 were not involved in the cytotoxic reaction of MWS-14 against the autologous lymphoma cells. The reactivity of this clone could be blocked by a monoclonal antibody directed at leukocyte function-associated antigen. It can be concluded from these results that these T4+ CTL clones recognize a determinant, which is preferentially expressed on autologous and allogeneic lymphoma cells.

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