Although the Lyt-1 antigen has previously been considered a T cell-specific marker, recent evidence suggests that a population of Thy-1-, Lyt-1+ cells exists in normal lymphoid tissues. In this study, we have observed that the WEHI-55, WEHI-259, and CH5 B cell lymphomas express high levels of the Lyt-1 antigen, as detected by monoclonal antibodies using the fluorescence activated cell sorter. Three other B cell lymphomas of the 11 examined also gave weak but detectable reactions with the anti Lyt-1 monoclonal antibody. Except for the expression of the Lyt-1 antigen, these lymphomas are typical of cells in the B cell lineage with respect to surface phenotype. The Lyt-1 glycoprotein immunoprecipitated from metabolically labeled WEHI-55 cells is similar in structure to the Lyt-1 glycoprotein on thymocytes. These findings are similar to recent reports that B-type human lymphocytic leukemia cells express the putative human homologue of Lyt-1, the Leu-1 antigen.

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