Mice of strains D2.GD and B10.GD, which carry the recombinant haplotype H-2g2 (previously typed as H-2Kd I-Ad / I-Bb I-Jb I-Eb I-Cb Sb H-2Db), have an Ae (E beta) polypeptide chain electrophoretically distinct from the Ae chains of both b and d haplotype mice, including the progenitor strains from which the recombinant H-2g2 chromosome was derived. The evidence presented suggests that the altered molecular properties of the Aeg2 chain may be a consequence of an intragenic recombination event in the I-A subregion within the structural gene for this polypeptide chain. Because the A alpha and A beta chains controlled by H-2g2 appear to be d haplotype in origin, this finding would map the gene for Ae to the right of the loci controlling the A alpha and A beta chains

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