The anti-allotype antibody response to the b allotypic form of IgG2a is regulated by major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-encoded immune response (Ir) genes. Mice of d, b, p, q, r, and s haplotypes make a strong anti-allotype response on immunization with the CBPC101 myeloma protein (IgG2ab), whereas mice of the k, m, a, a1, u, and z haplotypes made no, or a very poor, response. All responder strains produce anti-IgG2ab antibodies which share common idiotypes (Id) without relation to the allelic forms of the Ig heavy-chain-constant region genes that the responding mice possess. Isoelectric focusing analysis of the anti-allotype antibodies produced in various strains of mice showed that they are of limited heterogeneity and quite similar from strain to strain. Five out of six hybridoma products with specificity for CBPC101 allotype expressed cross-reactive idiotypes (IdX). Two of hybridoma products expressing IdX identify CH3-domain determinants, and one has been assigned a CH2-domain specificity.

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