Ia specificities 22 and 23 were found to be determinants on hybrid Ia molecules by serological and biochemical studies. Lipopolysaccharide-stimulated splenic lymphocytes from (B10 X B10.D2)F1 expressed Ia.22 although both the parents were negative. Similarly [D2.GD X B10.A(5R)]F1 cells expressed Ia.23, whereas D2.GD and B10.A(5R) lacked it. Ia.22 can be generated by gene complementation of Ak-Ek, Ab-Ed, Ab-Ek, As-Ed, and As-Ek, whereas Ia.23 can be generated by Ad-Ed, Ad-Ek, and Ad-Ep. Other possible complementing combinations are under study. The role of Ia.22 and 23 in mixed lymphocyte reactions and immune responses are discussed.

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