Secondary Tc cells generated against Sindbis virus (SIN) are restricted to Dk. All other H-2K or D regions tested show low specific responsiveness. F1 hybrids between low and high responders show dominance of responsiveness but lack complementation. When BALB/c (KdIdDd) low responder fetal liver stem cells were allowed to mature in irradiated high responder recipients C3H.OH (KdIdDk) a response to Dk plus SIN could be generated with Tc cells of BALB/c origin. This result, together with the failure of complementation in the F1 hybrids, implies that the lesion of low responsiveness is in the inability of viral antigen to stimulate a Tc-cell response in association with any self H-2K or H-2D molecule (of those tested) other than H-2Dk. Hypotheses compatible with these data are discussed.

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