Distinct type-specific antigens were detected on cells infected with cloned mink cell focus-inducing (MCF) murine leukemia viruses by means of cell surface immunofluorescence absorption assays with rabbit antisera raised against naturally-occurring AKR MCF viruses. The MCF type-specific antibodies were present in high titer and not absorbable by cells infected with ecotropic, xenotropic, or wild mouse amphotropic murine leukemia viruses, or combinations of ecotropic and xenotropic viruses. Three MCF subtype-specific reactions were identified. One subspecificity (operationally designated MCFA-1) defined antigenic determinant(s) distributed among MCF viruses in general. Another (MCFA-2) specified determinant(s) induced by all naturally occurring MCF isolates not of Friend or Moloney origin. A third subspecificity (MCFA-3) was induced by some MCF isolates, and not by others; the presence of this antigen did not correlate with the source of any presently known biological property of the viruses. In addition, type-specific antigenic determinants of ecotropic and xenotropic murine leukemia viruses were expressed on MCF virus-infected cells. The serological profile of MCF viruses thus supports the contention that they are env gene recombinants between ecotropic and xenotropic murine leukemia viruses. However, new, distinct MCF-specific determinants are also generated, and these could be useful markers in studying MCF viruses.

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