12 variant cell lines producing an IgG2a (kappa) immunoglobulin derived via different routes from the IgG2b (kappa) synthesizing MPC 11 were studied. These variants all have the parental MPC 11 idiotype as shown by a radioimmunoassay. A comparison of the variants by charge, peptide maps, and assembly patterns has shown that most of them differ from one another, and some can be grouped. One group consists of three primary variants generated with two mutagenic agents: these three have almost indistinguishable peptide maps. Two other primary variants which arose in a similar fashion differ markedly from each other and from this group. A second group is comprised of the four secondary variants which arose from two short heavy chain producing primary variants. Other secondary variants and the one spontaneously arising variant cannot be grouped. Possible genetic mechanisms such as translocation, expression of previously silent genes and recombination are discussed.

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