Lymphocytes sensitized in vitro to a pool of X-irradiated allogeneic normal lymphocytes from 20 individuals develop cytotoxic activity for autologous human lymphoblastoid cells (LCL). Whereas pool sensitized T lymphocytes lyse autologous LCL cells, they fail to lyse autologous B-enriched or T-enriched normal target cells nor autologous phytohemagglutinin (PHA) blasts. In contrast to pool sensitization, stimulation with normal cells of single allogeneic individuals rarely led to development of cytotoxicity against autologous LCL cells. We conclude that human Epstein-Barr virus transformed LCL cells express target antigens cross-reactive with allogeneic target antigens expressed on normal cells and that sensitization with a pool of allogeneic cells is an effective means of generating effector cells directed against autologous abnormal cells.

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