The synthesis of intracellular J chains was found to be closely associated with that of intracellular immunoglobulin, regardless of its class, during the process of B-cell differentiation. This parallelism between the synthesis of J chain and immunoglobulin was particularly evident in their coincident appearance in serial observations of pokeweed mitogen (PWM)-stimulated lymphocytes. The intensity of J-chain staining by fluorescent reagents in the stimulated cells synthesizing IgG was similar to that found in cells synthesizing IgA or IgM. Evidence was obtained that the presence of J chain in the IgG-producing cells did not reflect antecedent synthesis of IgA or IgM. T cells stimulated by phytohemagglutinin and PWM failed to show J-chain synthesis. Observations on lymphoid cell lines showed a similar parallelism between intracellular Ig and J-chain synthesis; no relation to surface Ig was found.

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