Serological cross-reactivity between the products of the H-2K and H-2D genes has been demonstrated by a design in which antibody was produced against determinants controlled by one locus (e .g . H-2K(k)), and then tested against the product of the opposite locus (e .g . H-2D(d)). A total of 13 out of 18 such test combinations exhibited H-2K-H-2D cross-reactivity. The presence or absence of cross-reactivity was reciprocal in most cases (i.e. antibody directed against the H-2K(k) gene product reacted with H-2(d) determinants, and antibody directed against the H-2D(d) gene product reacted with H-2K(k) determinants). An Ia-like reaction was detected with one antiserum which implied possible cross-reactivity between the products of two discrete la genes.

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