Regulatory effects of alloantigen-activated thymus-derived lymphocytes in mixed lymphocyte reactions have been demonstrated. Mice were injected into foot pads with allogeneic spleen cells; 4 days following sensitization spleen or regional lymph node cells from these animals were treated with mitomycin C and incorporated into MLR as regulator populations syngeneic to the responder cell type. Activated spleen cells suppressed MLR responses 60–90% whereas activated lymph node cells from the same animals enhanced MLR responses. Suppression by activated spleen cells was not due to cytotoxic effects nor to altered kinetics of the proliferative response. Studies of splenic suppressor cell generation in vivo revealed peak activity four days after alloantigen stimulation with no activity demonstrable at 7 days or at later times. Suppressor cell activity was abrogated by treatment with anti-θC3H serum and complement, and was not alloantigen specific.

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