An analysis was made of the immunoglobulin surface markers of the cells of patients with chronic lymphatic leukemia (CLL) in view of previous evidence of their monoclonal B-cell character. The simultaneous presence of IgM and IgD on the surface of the majority of lymphocytes was demonstrated by both immunofluorescence and hemagglutination inhibition in most cases. However, cases were observed with surface IgM without IgD as well as cases with IgD without IgM. IgG and IgA were absent. Studies of the light chains indicated only a single class in a given case. In addition to bound light chains, free light chains were readily demonstrated in most cases through the use of antisera specific for "free chain" determinants. It thus appeared that there are three major types of surface Ig on CLL lymphocytes, IgM, IgD, and free light chains.

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