Agglutinin responses to sheep erythrocytes and immunoglobulin heavy chain phenotypes determined in F1, F2, and backcross progeny of mice genetically selected for high and low antibody synthesis indicated that an immune response gene for sheep erythrocytes is linked to the immunoglobulin heavy chain allotype. Mice homozygous for the phenotype of the high line had significantly higher titers than mice homozygous for the phenotype of the low line. An association was also observed in some progeny of the backcross of the F1 generation with the low line. However, the control of the immune response was clearly multigenic since heterozygous mice of the same phenotype (2/3, 5) resulting from the two backcrosses (high and low) had very different immune responses.

Immunoglobulin levels in the same progeny showed no linkage to the immunoglobulin allotype but a rather simple pattern of inheritance.

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