Rabbit IgM anti-Forssman antibody was highly purified and the subunits obtained on reduction and alkylation were labeled radioactively and isolated by two different and unrelated methods. In both cases the subunits were found to have a molecular weight of about 90,000, based on their behavior on density gradient centrifugation and gel filtration, and evidence is given that they contained one light and one heavy chain. The subunits bound only weakly to sheep erythrocyte stroma, and only half could be shown to possess antigen specific sites. The data are consistent with the concept that each anti-Forssman IgM molecule has five effective binding sites, but it is uncertain whether the ineffectiveness of the remaining five H-L chain pairs is inherent in the structure of the IgM molecule or an artifact due to the isolation procedure. Intact IgM anti-Forssman antibody binds very firmly to structures containing multiple repeating antigen sites, and it appears that this is due to the presence of multiple binding sites on the molecule.

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