The titers of adenovirus and SV40 genetic carriers in hybrid preparations (E46+) can be quantitated by determining the percentage of cells showing neoantigens stainable with fluorescent antibody (FA) at 21 to 24 hours; both titers can be obtained with a single coverslip. The adenovirus and SV40 antigen-inducing titers so obtained are of the same order of magnitude in stock preparations of E46+ grown in either African green monkey kidney (AGMK) or human embryonic kidney tissue culture (HEK), and are generally within one log of the infectivity titer.

Quantitative studies of 50°C heat inactivation, ultracentrifugation, and equilibrium density gradient centrifugation of E46+ gave no indication that SV40 neoantigen induction could be dissociated from adenovirus, whereas adenovirus and SV40 virus grown as a mixed infection were readily dissociated by these procedures.

Pretreatment of HEK cells with a medium containing 5-fluorouracil desoxyriboside (FUDR) did not affect induction of either adenovirus or SV40 neoantigen or development of cytopathic effects after infection with E46+, but did prevent formation of Ad. 7 viral antigen.

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