Anti-p-azophenyl-ß-lactoside (Lac) antibody has been isolated from equine antiserum by specific precipitation with Lac-HSA (human serum albumin) and Lac-Hy (hemocyanin). Antibody was separated from antigen by chromatography on DEAE cellulose and zone electrophoresis in solvents containing lactose. Six antigenically distinct immunoglobulins have been identified in purified equine anti-Lac antibody: 7S ß2A-globulin, 19S γ-globulin, a 10S γ1 globulin, and three antigenically distinct 7S γ-globulins. The specific hapten-binding activity of the 7S ß2A-antibody and of the 10S γ1-antibody has been demonstrated by equilibrium dialysis and by analytical ultracentrifugation using a combination of schlieren and absorption optics. The 10S γ1-globulin antibody may be representative of a hitherto undescribed class of immunoglobulins.

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