1. Direct measurements of the blood pressure carried out during the intravenous infusion of various solutions into rabbits show that although a relation between the height of blood pressure and secretion of urine may be noted, a direct relation docs not exist between blood pressure and peritoneal transudate and intestinal fluid.

2. Calcium chloride docs not increase the peritoneal transudate by a rise of blood pressure, nor does it decrease the intestinal fluid by a fall of blood pressure, since no such increase of peritoneal fluid nor decrease of intestinal fluid is noticeable in animals with myocarditic lesions which are infused with solutions of sodium chloride.

3. It can be proved that calcium chloride does not diminish the amount of urine as a result of its depressing action on the blood pressure. Our experiments make it probable that calcium chloride decreases the diuresis by a direct action on the renal epithelium.

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