Guinea pig testicles were extracted with acetic acid; the extract was purified by removing material in consecutive precipitations with 30 per cent saturated ammonium-sulfate, trichloracetic acid, and chloroform. The solution so purified, when administered with complete adjuvants, was highly active in inducing impairment of spermatogenesis in guinea pigs. The activity resisted autoclaving at 15 pounds' pressure for 20 minutes, proteolytic enzymes, and formamide.

Anaphylactic shock and cutaneous reaction to the purified homologous extract occurred in guinea pigs sensitized by the extract combined with adjuvants.

For the production of aspermatogenesis it was essential to incorporate killed mycobacteria into the water-in-oil emulsion containing the antigen; but anaphylactic sensitization did not require the presence of mycobacteria.

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