Doubly depleted dogs (anemic and hypoproteinemic) respond favorably to all the diet proteins used in the above experiments.

Egg products (whole egg, albumin, or egg yolk) are well utilized by these dogs. Egg proteins favor the production of plasma protein and in some experiments the output of plasma protein is actually more than the output of hemoglobin. In contrast fresh beef muscle favors hemoglobin production—the output being 3 or 4 times that of plasma protein.

The processed egg albumin fed in Table 4 was not well utilized and there was weight loss.

Beef muscle (fresh or processed) gives a total blood protein output about twice that with egg feeding and there is a striking preponderance of hemoglobin output.

Beef heart and salmon muscle show a pattern much like beef muscle. The total blood protein output is below that due to beef muscle.

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