1. Only two serologically different proteins were found in the unheated culture filtrates of both virulent and slightly virulent tubercle bacilli. One of them was the protein which had a sedimentation constant of 3.4 S, and the other was in filtrate fractions with a constant of 2 S.

2. That these proteins were distinct was demonstrated by three methods: quantitative precipitin and precipitin absorption tests with rabbit antisera, skin tests in guinea pigs actively sensitized with the culture filtrate fractions, and skin tests in passively sensitized guinea pigs.

3. A third antigen of unknown nature was found by means of the precipitin tests, but only in certain fractions from the virulent culture filtrate.

4. The protein with the constant of 3.4 S could not be demonstrated serologically in an O.T. made from the same culture filtrate as the unheated preparation from the virulent organism.

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