A study of a malignant disease in rabbits has been made with reference to the presence or absence of a filterable virus, Virus III, in the tumor. The results are analyzed from the standpoint of certain characteristic features of the tumor process in order to determine any differences in degrees of malignancy.

It was found that a more severe disease developed in the series in which the virus-bearing tumor was used than in the series in which the tumor was free of the virus, although the differences were not very marked and were not entirely constant.

The influence of Virus III as a factor affecting malignancy has been discussed from the standpoint of its possible effect upon (α) the tumor cells and (b) the host reaction. It has been suggested that the greater malignancy of the pathological process usually induced by the virus-bearing tumor is attributable to a change in the response of the host to the tumor, which change is of the nature of a decreased resistance associated with the reaction of the host to the virus infection.

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