1. Dakin's hypochlorite solution has the power of dissolving necrotic tissue, pus, and plasma clot in the concentration and reaction used clinically.

2. Chloramine-T and dichloramine-T do not exhibit this action.

3. The solvent action of Dakin's hypochlorite solution of the degree of alkalinity used clinically is due primarily to its hypochlorite content, but its slight alkalinity, while in itself without solvent action, enhances the effectiveness of the hypochlorite.

4. In the degree of alkalinity used clinically, the solvent action of hypochlorite is absent below about 0.2 per cent sodium hypochlorite concentration.

5. The hypochlorite concentration at which the solvent action ceases is lower the more alkaline the solution, and vice versa.

6. None of the antiseptics studied had demonstrable solvent action on blood clot.

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