In this report, conditioned media from LPS-stimulated monocytes increased rat hepatocyte production of fibronectin (Fn) in a dose-dependent manner. Preincubation of the conditioned media with anti-IL-6, but not with anti-IL-1 alpha, anti-IL-1 beta, or anti-TNF, completely neutralized the Fn-stimulating activity. 10-100 pg/ml of rIL-6 was sufficient to increase Fn production. Neither IL-1 nor TNF had an effect on Fn production. The Fn-stimulating activity of IL-6 could be specifically neutralized only with anti-IL-6, but not with anti-IL-1 or anti-TNF. The increased Fn produced was shown to be of the plasma rather than the cellular form. These results demonstrate that IL-6 is the factor in monocyte-conditioned media that stimulates Fn production, and that IL-6 is the monokine tested with such activity.

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