The current study examines the possibility that the TCR repertoire of L3T4-, Lyt-2- cells in lpr/lpr mice is enriched for self-reactive specificities. T cells utilizing V beta 17a and V beta 8.1 gene products have been shown to be clonally eliminated in nonautoimmune mice expressing I-Ek and Mlsa/H-2k, respectively, because of their potential self reactivity. We quantitated these V beta specificities in lymph nodes and spleens of lpr/lpr mice. The results indicate that lpr-dependent L3T4-/Lyt-2- T cells, similar to normal peripheral T cells, have undergone a repertoire modification such that potential self-reactive V beta specificities have been eliminated. Evidence for tolerance in this population provides insight into the development of these aberrant cells, and may also have important implications for normal T cell development in the thymus.

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