The pathologic features of psoriatic plaques are inflammation and increased epidermal turnover. IP-10, a cytokine the expression of which is induced by gamma-interferon, is a member of a family of soluble mediators with inflammatory and growth-promoting activities. IP-10 protein was detected in keratinocytes and the dermal infiltrate from active psoriatic plaques using an affinity-purified rabbit anti-IP-10 antibody in immunoperoxidase studies. Successful treatment of active plaques decreased IP-10 expression in plaques. These results were corroborated by Northern blot analysis with an IP-10 cDNA probe. We have previously detected activated T cells and HLA-DR keratinocytes in active psoriatic plaques. Since IP-10 is detected in delayed cellular immune responses, the present study further points to the role of ongoing cellular immune responses in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.

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