The WB isolate of Giardia lamblia expresses a cysteine-rich 170-kD surface antigen (CRP170) that undergoes antigenic variation. An (6E7), cytotoxic for isolates expressing CRP170, was used in another study to select antigenic variants from clones of the WB isolate of Giardia. CRP170 was replaced by surface-labeled bands ranging in size from approximately 50 to 170 kD. In this study, mAb 6E7 was used to isolate a 1-kb portion of the CRP170 gene (M2-1) from a lambda gt 11 expression library. The M2-1 clone hybridized to a 5.4-kb transcript from isolates expressing CRP170 but did not hybridize to RNA from antigenic variants. Evidence was found for frequent rearrangements at the CRP170 gene locus. DNA sequencing of the M2-1 clone revealed the presence of long tandem repeats. The putative amino acid sequence of M2-1 reveals a 12% cysteine content, and CRP170 is readily labeled in vivo with cysteine.

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