The B6.C-H2bm12 (bm 12) strain has a mutation in the I-A subregion of the murine H-2 complex and is characterized by a loss of serologically detected Ia antigens and a strong graft rejection and mixed lymphocyte response between parent and mutant. It was presumed that the mutation affected the Ia-1 gene and to determine the relationship of Ia antigens and Ir genes, the immune responses of mutant and parent were compared. The immune responses to poly(L-Tyr,LGlu)-poly(DLAla)--poly(LLys), poly(Phe,Glu)-poly(DLAla)--poly(LLys), and poly(His,Glu)-poly(DLAla)--poly(LLys) in parent and mutant were same, indicating the Ia-1 and the Ir genes for these antigens are not identical. By contrast, although C57BL/6 gave a good response, the mutant strain was unable to generate cytotoxic T lymphocytes to the male-specific H-Y antigen--a response under I-A subregion Ir gene control, which now must be considered to be the Ia-1 gene. In addition, complementary Ir genes in the H-2b haplotype for the H-Y immune response could be detected when the bm12 mutant was used.

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