Sera from 28 patients with renal cancer were tested for reactivity with surface antigens of cultured autologous renal cancer cells. Four serological assays were used to survey sera for autologous antibody. Immune adherence, protein A, and C3-mixed hemadsorption assays detected reactivity in a high percentage of patients (80-100%), whereas mixed hemadsorption assays were negative with sera from all but one patient. Reactive sera from six patients were analyzed by absorption tests with autologous, allogeneic, and restricted to autologous renal cancer cells; class 2 antigens, present on certain allogeneic renal and nonrenal cancer cells; and class 3 antigens, found on a wide variety of normal and malignant cell types. The sera of one patient detected class 1, 2, and 3 antigens, the sera of three patients detected class 2 antigens, and the sera of two patients detected class 3 antigens. This analysis of renal cancer, with the recognition of three classes of surface antigens recognized by autologous sera, resembles the results of autologous typing of three other human malignancies: malignant melanoma, acute leukemia, and astrocytoma. Evidence provided by autologous typing of these cancers indicates that class 1 and class 2 antigens are tumor-restricted and that under certain circumstances these antigens are immunogenic for the autologous host.

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