Two different BALB/c anti-CBA (H-2k)monoclonal antibodies that bind to Kk and Dk antigens blocked Tc cell-mediated lysis of L929 (Kk, Dk) target cells, but with quite different specificity. One antibody (30R3) powerfully blocked Kk-specific lysis mediated by alloreactive or Kk-restricted Tc cells immune to ectromelia, Sendai, or influenza viruses. The other antibody (27R9) blocked these anti-Kk Tc cells much less than 30R3, but in contrast, 27R9 blocked anti-Dk lysis much more than 30R3. Most importantly, 27R9 strongly blocked Dk-restricted anti-influenza Tc cells, but did not significantly block Dk-restricted anti-Bebaru (BEB) lysis. This result indicated that different H-2 determinants coded in the D end of H-2k were recognized by influenza-and BEB-immune Tc cells. These determinants may be carried on two different molecules coded by the H-2D and H-2L loci, but other possibilities are not yet excluded.

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