Analysis of four mature cell markers on mouse bone marrow leukocytes grown in vitro, demonstrated a distinct sequence of marker appearance during the terminal phases of granulocytic cell differentiation. A similar pattern of marker expression was also suggested by analysis of mature neutrophils and macrophages isolated from normal tissues. Among cultured neutrophils, receptors for the Fc portion of IgG (FcR) were first expressed on myelocytes and metamyelocytes, and then subsequently on more mature cells. Morphologically mature colony neutrophils (polymorphs) from agar cultures contained only FcR and complement receptor type two (CR(2)) (C3d receptor), and lacked both complement receptor type one (CR(1)) (C3b receptor) and the capacity to ingest latex, bacteria, or iron particles. Neutrophils from 2 and 3 wk liquid media cultures of marrow cells differed from agar grown neutrophils in that they had phagocytic capacity (particle ingestion) [Pi] in addition to FcR and CR(2). Furthermore, in the 4th and 5th wk of these continuous liquid cultures, CR(1) was also expressed, completing the surface marker profile of normal blood neutrophils. Based on these studies, the following order of appearance of these four markers on cells from the myelocytic series was proposed: FcR {arrow} FcR CR(2) {arrow} FcR CR(2) Pi {arrow} FcR CR(2) Pi CR(1).

Differential studies of tissue leukocytes containing these same markers revealed that a heterogeneity existed among morphologically mature neutrophils. Even though 95 percent of blood polymorphs contained all four markers, the same was true of only half of spleen polymorphs and only 20 percent of bone marrow polymorphs. Cells of the monocyte-macrophage series were studies in parallel with neutrophils. Cultured marrow monocytes acquired the four mature cell markers so rapidly that the order of receptor appearance could not be determined. However, it was found that CR2 was lost during the terminal phase of monocyte maturation into activated macrophages.

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