Seven mouse myeloma proteins with specificity for phosphorylcholine (PC) were found to share a common antigenic determinant. This group of proteins contained members which differed in genetic origin, heavy chain class, kappa-chain subgroup, individual antigenic determinants and specificity for choline analogues. The cross-idiotypic determinant, VH-PC, was antigenically similar in each of the proteins and was associated with the variable portion of the heavy chain in the region of the antibody combining site. Further studies showed that an indistinguishable determinant was present on IgM anti-PC antibodies isolated from all strains of mice tested regardless of histocompatibility or heavy chain allotype. In view of the finding that this cross-idiotypic determinant was not found on antibodies or myeloma proteins which lacked specificity for PC, the data strongly suggest that a particular heavy chain variable region has been preserved in all mouse antibodies with specificity for PC.

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