A specific isograft resistance against three different mouse adeno 12 sarcomas was demonstrated in mice treated with four to eight doses of viable or X-ray-killed adeno 12 mouse tumors. Whole-body X-ray irradiation with 350 R 24 hr previous to the test challenge did not abolish the resistance, indicating that it was due to a true anamnestic immune reaction. This was further proven by the finding that similar treatment with tumors of other origin did not induce any immunity, nor did the treatment with adeno 12 tumor material induce any immunity against two neoplasms of Schmidt-Ruppin-Rous viral origin.

The previous report by Trentin et al. (17) that adeno 12 infection leads to a specific transplantation immunity was fully confirmed. When the specificity of this virus-induced immunity was studied it was discovered that besides adeno virus type 12, type 7 and probably type 18 also gave the same type of resistance while adenovirus type 5 did not. A contamination of the adeno 7-infected mice with adeno type 12 was excluded by testing pooled sera from these animals for anti-adeno 12 CF or HI antibodies.

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