The examination of fifteen consecutive cases of primary tuberculous cervical adenitis resulted in the isolation of nine cultures of B. tuberculosis of bovine type and six cultures of human type, the classification being made on the basis of adaptability to artificial cultivation, character of growth on glycerine bouillon, virulence for rabbits, and, in three instances, virulence for calves.

The results of the determination of the reaction changes in glycerine bouillon due to the growth of the cultures on this medium were in general accord with the classification as based on other characters. One culture otherwise of human type was found to give the slightly acid or even alkaline end reaction characteristic of the bovine type of bacillus. One culture, otherwise of bovine type, has so far given an end reaction more highly acid than is usual with bovine cultures. Two cultures, highly virulent for rabbits, showed even less adaptability to artificial cultivation than the usual true bovine cultures and the reaction change could not, therefore, be determined.

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