Guinea pigs hyperimmunized with single protein antigens or hapten conjugates emulsified in complete adjuvants produced two types of precipitating antibodies with different electrophoretic mobilities. "Slow" migrating antibody generally appeared earlier and "fast" migrating antibody later in the course of immunization. Animals initially immunized by the intraperitoneal route with hapten conjugates without adjuvants produced primarily fast migrating antibody. Purified guinea pig antibodies were also separable into slow and fast migrating components by electrophoresis in supporting media. Using suitable antisera prepared in rabbits hyperimmunized with guinea pig serum, it was demonstrated that slow and fast antibodies have both common and distinct antigenic determinants. Analytical ultracentrifugation disclosed that both antibodies have sedimentation coefficients of approximately 7S. These antibodies have been designated guinea pig 7Sγ1 and 7Sγ2.

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