Serial studies of the serum levels of trypsin inhibitor have been performed on monkeys following injection of turpentine-falba, total body irradiation, thermal injury, splenectomy, administration of cortisone acetate and egg albumin. Following the injection of turpentine-falba mixture there was a prompt elevation in the trypsin inhibitor power of the serum. A similar response accompanied the administration of cortisone acetate. The response to cortisone was not inhibited by removal of the spleen. Animals premedicated with cortisone acetate for 3 and 4 weeks showed no statistically significant change in the level of the serum inhibitor following injection of the turpentine-falba.

Total body irradiation and immunization with egg albumin were accompanied by a very slight rise in the inhibitory power of the serum despite a prompt and extensive drop in the total white blood cell count in the irradiated animals, and development of precipitins in all of the immunized animals. The significance of these findings is discussed.

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